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Welcome to MinerAuth! Please read our rules below before you play Minecraft:

  1. Do not install hacks, cheats or attempt to modify the game in any way.
  2. If playing on a multiplayer server, do not ruin other people's games. This includes, but is not limited to, spamming, harassing, trolling, and griefing.
  3. We provide Minecraft free without any warranties. We are not responsible for any potential damages that may occur from playing the game on our site.
  4. This free version of Minecraft is for educational purposes only. You are not allowed to download, copy, or distribute this game. However, you may embed it on your site.
  5. We reserve the right to revoke your access to the game at any given time.

By continuing to play Minecraft on your browser, you have read, understand, and agree to our rules. We have a zero tolerance policy—any violations will result in a permanent ban.

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